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Special Agent Maggie O’Dell Series

What they don't realize is that instead of jamming devices, their backpacks contain explosives. And they're about to become unwitting suicide bombers. FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell must put her own political troubles aside to work with Nick Morrelli and figure out who's behind this terrorist plot—a massacre that's all the more frightening when a tip reveals that Maggie's brother is one of the doomed protestors.

FBI special agent Maggie O'Dell learns that the body of an unidentified woman has been found buried in a gallon drum in an abandoned rock quarry in Connecticut. Maggie heads there on "unofficial" business, and realizes this case is more twisted than anyone imagines. After Albert Stucky, a brutal and clever serial killer known as The Collector, escapes from prison, he forces FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell, the agent who originally captured him, to play a deadly game when he targets her and everyone associated with her.

Tallahassee, Florida Sabrina Galloway is one of the top scientists at EchoEnergy - a company that has made a successful breakthrough in the quest for an alternative fuel. There is the promise of a cleaner tomorrow, and the economic impact on world markets could be staggering.

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But in the euphoria of excitement, Sabrina makes an alarming discovery: someone has tampered with the production process, and an eco-disaster of equally staggering proportions is imminent. Toxic waste is leaking into the Florida waterways and the Gulf of Mexico.


Washington, D. Jason Brill, one of the youngest congressional chiefs of staff, prepares for the upcoming International Energy Summit. Working for influential senator John Quincy Allen, Jason is eager to prove himself. Sabrina and Jason have never met, but both are unwittingly drawn into a sinister plot that puts corporate greed and corruption above human life. And the net is tightening, held in the relentless grip of powerful shadow players whose identities reach Pennsylvania Avenue itself.

On a crisp fall evening in western Nebraska, two teenagers are seemingly electrocuted when their drug-fueled party turns into an explosive light show. Despite the miles that separate them, the two cases collide when Maggie and Platt uncover a threatening conspiracy that was meant to stay hidden in the remote Midwestern landscape. But their newfound celebrity has also garnered some unwanted attention. When Creed and one of his dogs are called in to search a commercial fishing vessel off the coast of Pensacola Beach, they discover a secret compartment. For someone is already on the way….

New York Times bestselling author Alex Kava returns in a blaze of glory with a gripping, action-packed thriller featuring special agent Maggie O'Dell,who is leading the search for a serial arsonist whose crimes threaten Maggie dangerously close to home. When a building bursts into flames on a cold winter night in D. There is one difference, however: This one has a human casualty. The local team insists they're looking for a young white male, suffering from an uncontrollable impulse to act out his anger or sexual aggression.

But when special agent Maggie O'Dell is called in, everything she sees leads her to believe that this is the work of a calculating and controlled criminal. Ryder Creed and his dogs have been making national headlines. When Creed and one of his dogs are called in to search a commercial fishing vessel, they discover a secret compartment. This time, its cargo is human. The cartel has already sent someone to destroy Creed and everyone close to him. But Creed and his dogs have a few surprises in store on their compound in Florida.

Will it be enough to stop a ruthless cartel determined to remove the thorn in its side once and for all? From the Hardcover edition. When Ryder Creed responds to a devastating mudslide in North Carolina, he knows that the difference between finding survivors and the dead is time. He and his sturdiest search-and-rescue dog, Bolo, get to work immediately, but the scene is rife with danger: continued rainfall prevents the rescue teams from stabilizing the land; toxic household substances spread by the crushing slide fill the area with hazardous waste; and the detritus and debris are treacherous for both man and dog to navigate.

But most perilous are the secrets hidden under the mud and sludge—secrets someone would kill to protect. For this is no ordinary rescue mission. Then rescuers recover the body of a scientist from the facility who was obviously dead before the landslide—killed by a gunshot to the head. As more bodies are found under even more unusual circumstances, they come ever closer to exposing the truth—but with unknown forces working against them, Maggie, Creed, and the dogs are running out of time.

With only an old man afflicted with Alzheimer's as a witness, FBI Special Agent Maggie O'Dell is on the trail of a serial killer who targets people with physical disabilities, removing each victim's imperfections to keep as a twisted trophy.

Lost Creed (Ryder Creed Series #4) by Alex Kava, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

When Special Agent Maggie O'Dell receives a concerned phone call from Dr Gwen Patterson about a missing patient, she agrees to look into the woman's disappearance. At first she dismisses Gwen's fears, but then a graveyard of bodies is discovered in rusted barrels buried in a rock quarry. Serial killer Ronald Jeffreys was executed for three murders.

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Three months after his death, the body of a boy is found, killed in the same style as Jeffreys' victims. Is there a copycat killer on the loose? Or is this the real thing?

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Sie wird zum Schmuggel gezwungen und schwebt in Lebensgefahr. Amanda erkennt ihre Chance und fleht Creed um Hilfe an. From the "New York Times" bestselling author of the Maggie O Dell novels comes a thrilling new series featuring an ex-marine turned K9 rescue dog trainer Ryder Creed and his dogs have been making national headlines. They ve intercepted several major drug stashes smuggled through Atlanta s airport. But the Colombian cartel s latest shipment isn t drugs. By the time she uncovers a hit list with Creed s name on it, it might be too late to help him. For someone is already on the way ".

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  5. When a monsignor is found knifed to death in a Nebraska airport restroom, FBI special agent Maggie O'Dell is called in to profile the ritualistic murder of a priest, the latest in a series of killings. Maggie soon discovers a disturbing Internet game that's popular among victims of abuse by Catholic priests. With this first real lead in the investigation, she wonders if the group has turned cyberspace justice into reality. Then Maggie gets a second lead—one that leaves her stunned.

    For the past four years she has been obsessed with finding Father Michael Keller, whose brutal acts against children continue to haunt her. Now, it seems, he has become a target.

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    How did his body end up six hundred miles away in the Gulf of Mexico? Share: Share on Facebook. Other Series By Alex Kava. About Alex Kava. More about Alex Kava. Other Series You Might Like. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first.

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