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This allows us to make your asthma treatment plan and modify it as needed. The goal of asthma management is to achieve the best possible control of your asthma at all times with the least amount of side effects from asthma medication. With proper care and treatment, you can usually control your asthma and continue your normal activities.

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People with well-controlled asthma can exercise, sleep well, and work or play without symptoms of asthma or serious side effects from their medications. If your asthma is not controlled, discuss this with your allergist. With the help of medical treatments and preventative measures, most people with asthma are able to lead active and fulfilling lives. Available At Your Fingertips.

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Allergic Reactions to Hand-Washing

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Schedule Now. Your Asthma The more you know about your asthma, the better you can manage it.

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What Is Asthma Asthma is a chronic lung disease that mainly affects the bronchial tubes by blocking airflow through them. Learn More.

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The prevention of hand rashes includes reducing the irritant effects of repetitive hand-washing. While this may seem difficult, or even impossible, for people who need to wash their hands frequently, the solution is to increase the use of alcohol-based hand cleansers as an alternative. Hand-washing with soap and water needs to occur when the hands are visibly dirty, and should not be used simply to disinfect the hands. Alcohol-based cleansers should be used when disinfection is the goal, as they cause less irritation on the skin than the repetitive use of soap and water.

Treatment of hand-washing rashes includes aggressive moisturizing, such as at the end of a work shift and before bed.

Children's Food Allergies

Ointment-based moisturizers, such as Aquaphor, work the best in my opinion, and other similar brands can be found over-the-counter, often specifically labeled as being for dry hands. Topical corticosteroid creams and ointments may also be used, especially if contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, or dyshidrotic dermatitis is the diagnosis.

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Diagnosis of Hives & Swelling

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