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First and foremost, I had to set goals for myself, for each given day. While I have always been a big picture person, like you stated, it was important at this point in time to goal oriented and set smaller more sensible goals. This would keep my psyche on track, rewarding me along the way. I had to sit down and draft a to-do list so I could focus on the small goals which would in turn mold my big picture. Another point you touched on was displaying a positive attitude.

When you are negative, and always project negativity, people will either not want to be around you or you will surely bring them down to your level. I found at first, I was beating myself up for being disabled, and I would show that to my wife when she got home from the office. While she never complained it, I recognized it quickly and remedied the situation.

For me it was a brief phase, and I was grateful it was only that instead of a new way of life. I was also finding that with the lack of a business application purpose, and trying to stay busy at home to keep my mind and body on track, I was neglecting some very important things. These things were my appearance and my diet. I would go days without eating or drinking the proper amounts of water, as well as days without doing simple things like shaving. I began to become a tad overweight and a bit furry.

All of which I soon resolved by joining the local gym, and buying a razor. Keep up the good work Chris, sorry it is taking me some time to read through all your articles. Hey John, that is a very inspirational story that we can all take something from. I agree with the idea of setting smaller goals for yourself to help overcome big challenges. That and paying attention to the smaller things to get them out of the way so you can dedicate your headspace to the larger obstacles.

I am disable myself. I got messed up in Vietnam, and to do a lot of life skill changes, to survive. Had to learn how to do things different to help myself and be able to deal with all the life problems and to get a long with other people. I had to just set small goals and work up. I am retired military, both Marines and army. As for the fire, the NVA and VC, made a tunnel to let the smoke come up farther away from where they were at, as not to give there location away. Your email address will not be published.

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Contents Basic Survival Skills 1. Positive Mental Attitude 2. Water 3. Food 4. Shelter 5. Chris Ruiz My name is Chris and I created this site to help ordinary people prepare for the uncertainties of the modern day world. Thanks for contributing to our community and good luck prepping! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Our body strength is usually less than most men, and we need an edge if attacked. Getting over the fear of handguns is hard for a lot of women.

You have to pull the trigger.

Training is key. Find an instructor you feel comfortable with and begin with gun safety. After that, practice, practice, practice.

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You not only have to practice with it, but you have to maintain it. You should know how to take apart and clean every firearm you own. We often think of situational awareness as applying primarily to detecting interpersonal threats.

7 of the most important survival skills you should know

However, the reality is that being aware of your surroundings and keeping your head on a swivel will do far more than just alert you to a potential mugger. Survival is a matter of mitigating the little risks far more than it is reliant upon heroic efforts. Skill with making fire under a variety of conditions is extremely important. Fire keeps us warm, dries us out, cooks our food and disinfects our water.

1. Starting a fire

Survival is just as much psychological as it is physical. Making fire is tremendously effective in that regard. Being able to locate natural tinder, good things to eat, and plants and other substances that will help heal—all of that and more fall under the foraging umbrella. As I often tell people, get into the habit of finding what you need before you need it. When you take a break from hiking, look around you.

10 essential survival skills you need to know |

Squirrel away a handful of dried grass or plant fluff in case you need it for tinder later. In an urban area, look for things like cordage and small containers that could be useful. I place a lot of emphasis on understanding fire. Fire skills provide the survivor the means to purify water, stay warm without a shelter, signal for help, fire-harden wooden tools, cook food and much more.

SURVIVAL - THE TRUE SURVIVALKIT (what you REALLY need to stay alive)

A fire becomes a companion through a stressful night alone, and it is a game-changer for improving morale. For this reason, I encourage all of my students to carry the means to make fire daily, and I practice what I preach. Defense alone cannot win a fight, and fighting is open to all possibilities.

Believing a fight is limited to hand-to-hand or weapons is a recipe for disaster.

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There are no rules in a fight, and the modern-day survivor must cross-train in striking, grappling, bladed weapons and firearms. Even situational awareness can be offensive, as recognizing threats and taking proactive measures can help prevent you from being put in a defensive situation. That puts them on the receiving end of an attack from the start. Modern survival skills must blend fieldcraft skills with combative techniques. As for foraging, when I was the lead instructor at the Wilderness Learning Center, I learned many edible, medicinal and useful plants from the owner, Marty Simon, a man I consider to be my mentor.

I believe if you have the knowledge to identify plants and know how to process them, you can effectively feed yourself, gather fresh water, make teas, create cordage, make tools and process natural medicines. Plant skills take time to learn, and true expertise requires years, a lifetime even. If stripped of hunting and fishing tools, plants can provide nutrition with little to no effort. Plant knowledge is true survival knowledge. The importance of any of these skills is dependent upon the life-threatening situation you find yourself in. Arguably, water and food are necessary for long-range survival, but if you cannot survive for the first few minutes or the first few days of a catastrophic event, the water and food skills do not matter.

Someone caught up in a flood might find the skill of swimming to be the most important, and that is not even on the list. However, if I could only choose three of the listed skills, they would probably be first aid, firearms defense and hand-to-hand combat. These are the most difficult skills to master, but they can provide immediate survivability to certain life- threatening situations.

I look at the other skills as important, but the threats that require those skills also allow the operator more time to adapt to the situation. A bush pilot crashing in Canada in winter may need to use first aid to prevent bleeding to death in the first few minutes after the crash.

Survival skills: Protecting yourself from the elements

Starting a fire to keep from freezing would be important to last the night. Signaling and communication skills could spare him from another night in the elements. However, if no contact is made, water and food gathering will become very necessary. Finally, he may need to rely on navigation skills to move to a better location or to walk to an inhabited area. Which of those skills is most important? If he survives, then they have equal importance.

If he does not survive, then whatever reason he succumbs to just became the most important. It all depends on the situation at hand. I believe being able to triage the situation and mentally adapt to the circumstances without giving up is the most important skill. Mindset is everything! It encompasses so many things.