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Plantminer: a web tool for checking and gathering plant species taxonomic information. Coley, P.

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Using ecological criteria to design plant collection strategies for drug discovery. Costa, M. Based Complement. Cragg, G. Natural products: a continuing source of novel drug leads.

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Acta Gen. Dias, S. Neuropharmacological and genotoxic evaluation of ethanol extract from Erythrina falcata leaves, a plant used in Brazilian folk medicine. Douwes, E. Regression analyses of southern African ethnomedicinal plants: informing the targeted selection of bioprospecting and pharmacological screening subjects. Dutra, R.

The Role of Traditional Medicine in Drug Discovery

Medicinal plants in Brazil: pharmacological studies, drug discovery, challenges and perspectives. Edris, A. Pharmaceutical and therapeutic potentials of essential oils and their individual volatile constituents: a review. Ernst, M.

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Evolutionary prediction of medicinal properties in the genus Euphorbia L. Fabricant, D. The value of plants used in traditional medicine for drug discovery. Health Perspect. Flora of Brazil in Construction Gertsch, J. How scientific is the science in ethnopharmacology? Historical perspectives and epistemological problems. Gibbs, R. Chemotaxonomy of Flowering Plants. Vols I-IV. Grace, O. Evolutionary history and leaf succulence as explanations for medicinal use in aloes and the global popularity of Aloe vera.

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International Journal of Pharmacology, Phytochemistry and Ethnomedicine

Indirect defence via tritrophic interactions. New Phytol. Huang, M. Heinrich and A. Kembel, S. Picante: R tools for integrating phylogenies and ecology. Bioinformatics 26, — Knutsen, H.

Risks for human health related to the presence of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in honey, tea, herbal infusions and food supplements. EFSA J. Koehn, F. The evolving role of natural products in drug discovery. Drug Discov. Kusuma, S. Antineoplastic activity of monocrotaline against hepatocellular carcinoma. Anticancer Agents Med. Legume phylogeny and classification in the 21st century: progress, prospects and lessons for other species-rich clades.

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  • Taxon 62, — Leonti, M. Reverse ethnopharmacology and drug discovery.

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    Letunic, I. Interactive tree of life iTOL v3: an online tool for the display and annotation of phylogenetic and other trees. Nucleic Acids Res. Lewis, G. Legumes of the World.

    The Role of Traditional Medicine in Drug Discovery | OUPblog

    Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens. Mazel, F. Influence of tree shape and evolutionary time-scale on phylogenetic diversity metrics. Ecography 39, — Mazzari, A. Herbal medicines in Brazil: pharmacokinetic profile and potential herb-drug interactions. Moerman, D. The medicinal analysis flora of native north America: an analysis.

    A comparative analysis of five medicinal floras. Newman, D. The influence of natural products upon drug discovery. Nwaka, S. Innovative lead discovery strategies for tropical diseases. Paradis, E. APE: analyses of Phylogenetics and evolution in R language.

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    Trends Biotechnol. Souza, E. Comparison of herbarium label data and published medicinal use: herbaria as an underutilized source of ethnobotanical information. Stamatakis, A. RAxML version 8: a tool for phylogenetic analysis and post-analysis of large phylogenies.

    Drug Discovery and Development Process - Clinical Research -

    Bioinformatics 30, — Sucher, N. The application of Chinese medicine to novel drug discovery. Expert Opin.