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Lo and behold, she's a good writer, but we could have told you that; after all, you don't get to be Magicath by being anything less than awesome. However, when she turns in a piece of Simon Snow fanfic as a class assignment, Professor Piper lays the smackdown. As if Cath's not already mortified enough by being called into her professor's office and given a talking-to about what constitutes literature, she's got family and boy drama too.

Her dad's bipolar, her sister's rapidly developing a drinking problem, and her mom bailed on all of them when Cath and Wren were little kids. Not only is our heroine constantly dealing with a manic episode her dad's or alcohol poisoning Wren's , she's falling in love with Reagan's ex-boyfriend Levi. Fangirl is, at its heart, a classic boy-meets-girl tale. You know how that story goes: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy regains girl.

And Levi definitely screws things up pretty good when he kisses another girl at a party and Cath sees him. Fortunately, he manages to win her back with a few rides to Omaha, a couple complimentary Starbucks coffee concoctions, and his impeccable farm-boy manners. Although you can't help but feel Cath's angst along the way, by the end of the book, she's got a cute boyfriend, a completed story, a generally sober sister, a relatively stable dad, and a Prairie Schooner prize for literature.

Oh, and she gets the last chapter of Carry On, Simon in just under the wire, right before the eighth book comes out. She may not reconcile with her mom, but we'd say she scores a pretty happy ending nonetheless. All rights reserved. Cite This Page. Logging out….

8 Worst Episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark AYAotD (The Fangirl)

Logging out I hated the way she treated Cath like everything was her fault, like she had to be like her to live a good 18 year old college life. You'd expect Reagan to be the hated character but she wasn't.

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She was loyal and a good friend to Cath, despite her harsh tone sometimes. But Wren was selfish and only wanted to live her life despite everything. And then she got a huge ass slap in the face. I so wanted their dad to not let her finish school but it wasn't going to happen. To conclude everything, I think this book was solid. It did some things wrong but it did most things right. I will read "Carry on" next to delve into the world of Simon and Baz.

I'm really excited about this, to be honest. Till the next one K BYE! View all 20 comments. I love everything about this book and I want to reread it again immediately ;D Original review from December Fangirl was so cute and relatable! I loved every single character and their relationships with each other.

Rainbow Rowell's writing style is wonderful and I can't wait to read more books from her! View all 11 comments. May 14, Cecile rated it did not like it Shelves: idiotic-mc , skim-skim-skim , the-hype-always-lies. And yes, before you ask, the titles do refer to fangirling lore 1. My Body is Ready I was quite excited to read Fangirl, at first.

Let the Games Reviewing begin. Cath was it? It consists of 8 books revolving around a boy wizard chosen to defeat Ring any bells? So to recreate an obvious copy of that for book purposes is weird to say the least.

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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell - review

Writing bits of said, um, copy is even more unnerving because who cares about teeny tiny excerpts of a non-existing book which copies another one? Adding other, fanfiction excerpts based upon this non-existing copy of a book is just ridiculous. But then the author confirmed what I was already thinking and I swear I wanted to throw my reader against the wall.

You know, in defense of something you love Seriously. Whoever let this be a part of the book and let it be so atrociously done does not deserve to give anyone advice. What is air?

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What is life? Every smile from Agatha was like waking up to a perfect sunny day. Agatha knew it. And she smiled at everyone who crossed her path, as if it were the most generous thing she could offer. Like Tate. Also, woodfoul?! Unfortunately Which brings me to the next part. Which happens, but that's really not what fangirling is about. If you are in a fandom however, you will likely be insulted by this book and its misrepresentation of the whole process. Oh wait, should I call it by some incredibly subtle code-name?

Such as The Arena Paradox? The Panem Diversion? The Katniss Paradigm? And you end up sobbing with everyone else because of all the perfection. This book, however, clearly has no idea of what it is to actually be in a fandom. Although I do read some, I tend to be very picky about it because no one ever comes close to writing as well as the author or staying perfectly canon and in character.

So I prefer Alternate Universe fics because it allows more disgressions from the initial story and I'm more forgiving about it. Especially considering how Fangirl is written. They read like fanfiction. Another huge problem in this book was the main character.

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Or Cather seriously, how do you even pronounce that? It's fine if you do it for your pleasure, but if you start submitting it for school assignments it can lead to other, despicable stuff, pretty fast. I suggest you read about the Cassandra Clare debacle in case this isn't clear 6. In fact, if the first part had been dropped along with any mention of Simon Snow, fanfiction and Nowhere-to-be-found-Nick, and only the second half had remained, I might have gone up to 2. The romance part was really quite cute. But it was still cute and fluffy.

And it explains why I finally decided to give Eleanor and Park a shot and I really liked that one. Sep 11, Christy rated it it was amazing Shelves: audio , ya-challenge. It made me so happy!

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Everything about it- just fantastic! Cath is a twin.

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She is a writer. She is a Simon Snow fan.

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Quite possibly the biggest Simon Snow fan there is. She takes her most favorite books, and writes her own stories. She makes the two main guys in the books gay and in love. Just throwing that out there! She is awkward, introverted, funny and so relatable! Now back to the fanfiction She has followers.

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